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New, elegant, foldable, EXTENDABLE and convenient gimbal stabilizer for smartphone with brand new ZY Cami app. There review complete with the new 2020 gimbal Zhiyun SMOOTH-X in this article.

Zhiyun, the world’s most popular brand of camera and smartphone stabilizers, is pleased to announce the launch of the smartphone stabilizer SMOOTH-X.

Package Contents

The SMOOTH-X is a stabilizer elegant, extendable and foldable small in size weighing only 246 g and which can be easily stored in your bag or pocket.

Thanks to the new dedicated app ZY Cami, the SMOOTH-X offers new ways to shoot and create stories.


It SMOOTH-X is a new foldable stabilizer for smartphones which reconfirms Zhiyun’s position as a leader in the stabilizer sector.

By rotating the vertical arm, you can turn the stabilizer into a stylish sized gadget small to be able to be stored in a backpack or even in a pocket.

Review-Zhiyun-SMOOTH-X-7 Review Zhiyun SMOOTH-X, new Extendable Folding Gimbal!

Thanks to the design, the axis never blocks the view even in ultra-angular shooting.

The SMOOTH-X allows you to explore the world from a broader perspective thanks to theIntegrated telescopic aluminum rod.

It can extend the range up to 260 mm. This way you can include more friends, get more points of view.

Simplicity is a key feature and the SMOOTH-X offers a smoother shooting experience thanks to its extraordinary ease of use.

It’s possible shoot, film and control zoom with the practical control panel. The M button Multifunction lets you shoot with maximum versatility and switch between modes Landscape to Portrait mode Suddenly.

Zhiyun-SMOOTH-X-9 Review Zhiyun SMOOTH-X Review, New Extendable Folding Gimbal!

The SMOOTH-X is particularly suitable for beginners and to those who travel a lot, it allows direct control of the integrated cameras of the phones via connection Bluetooth.

The autonomy of quattro ore and the possibility of direct recharging via an external battery allow you to shoot without interruptions.

Review-Zhiyun-SMOOTH-X-4 Review Zhiyun SMOOTH-X, new Extendable Folding Gimbal!

Video and Photo Shooting

Thanks to the new intelligent motion control function, the SMOOTH-X is the perfect ally for i trips or for group shooting. Just make a move a V or swing in front of the camera to start taking photos / recording a video without any timer setting.

It includes the track, and you just need to frame the object you want to shoot and let the SMOOTH-X do the rest.

Among the features available are those of slow motion, immersive time-lapse and panorama.


ZY Cami by ZHIYUN is a dedicated app specially designed for use with the SMOOTH-X.

The ZY Cami app is based on an intelligent, intuitive and easy to use system, but also offers advanced professional functions. Now there is no longer any need for tedious and tedious editing.

The modality SMART offers a full range of pre-built story templates integrated with custom music, camera movement control and special effects. You can make your film in minutes.

Review-Zhiyun-SMOOTH-X-19 Review Zhiyun SMOOTH-X, new Extendable Folding Gimbal!

To give you even more control, professional editing software is now available for the ZY Cami app. Everything you might need is at your disposal: cut, make video clips, add music, stickers, subtitles, switch between modes, set beauty mode and much more.

Active Offers

The Zhiyun SMOOTH-X is available for purchase for around 69.99 EUR:

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