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  • Processor Speed
  • Android 9.0
  • Battery Life
  • Dock Tastiera


  • Camera
  • USB-C Data Only

It tablet 4g Teclast T30 of our review, it has a large FullHD IPS screen from 10.1 inch, a battery of 8000 mAh, 4 GB of ram and 64 GB of internal memory. The processor is the P70 which ensures speed for all apps and games too.

These are the new features of the Teclast T30, which at an affordable price of approx 180€ it will surely conquer a large slice of the market. It also supports the Docking station for the keyboard (to be purchased separately) so as to become a real one 2in1, to work and study. The details of the review in our article.


The screen is one of the features that everyone focuses on before buying any device.

The Teclast T30 use a screen IPS 10.1-inch full screen with a resolution of 1920×1200.

The screen of the T30 has a wide viewing angle so as to allow the viewing of movies and TV series in FullHd without compromises.

teclast-t30-30 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work

In addition, the tablet has the module 4G to surf anywhere without connection problems. Today it is possible to make low cost subscriptions for a data plan. The screen brightness of Teclast T30 comes up to 370 nit.

Therefore, it is possible to view clear and sharp images even in direct light conditions. With no glare on the screen, the text can be easily viewed when outdoors at noon.

Furthermore, Teclast T30 it also has a smart feature that splits the screen into 2. It is equivalent to viewing two different pages side by side, making it easier to search or compare data.

On the side of the Teclast T30, there is a reader of 2 in 1 cards: SIM card and TF card.

teclast-t30-46 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work


The Teclast T30 weighs by itself 543 g and it’s ultra-thin. The back cover and midframe are in metal. The matte surface has a non-slip texture and is pleasant to the touch.

The Teclast T30 is equipped with a rear camera from 8 MP and a fill light. A front camera from 5 MP on the front of the T30. Unfortunately, the camera is the sore point and can only be used for video calls.

teclast-t30-29 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work

On the top of the tablet, the holes for the speakers they are on both sides.

Teclast T30 It features third generation independent Sweet technology audio and a power amplifier chip. Audio is one of the strong points for any genre of music.

teclast-t30-47 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work


Its performance is handled by the processor Octa-core MediaTek Helio P70. The 12nm chip achieved a higher benchmark score than Snapdragon 660.

Save energy and generate less heat. Its overall performance is superior to that of the Helio P60, the previous generation. It can play video and perform games at the same time smoothly. The P70 runs the T30 very well for gaming too, it does a really good job.

Android 9.0

In addition to the necessary apps, such as File Manager and Contacts, the system has no manufacturer apps.

The video game graphics card G72 it is critical to hardware acceleration of games. In coordination with the P70 SoC, the graphics processing capabilities are more than adequate for traditional 3D games. Video playback is smooth at high frame rate settings. Teclast T30 It works with Android 9 Pie, Google Play Store is certified and the whole system works in multiple languages.


Battery life is critical. In terms of battery life, the Teclast T30 comes with a high capacity battery from 8000 mAh for continuous video playback up to 10 hours (50% brightness).

In standby mode, the daily power consumption is only 1%. The battery handling capacity is higher than that of the previous generation.

The bottom of the Teclast T30 is designed with a docking magnetica which can be used with the original magnetic keyboard.

With a magnetic keyboard, Teclast T30 it works like a small notebook. It is more powerful than a normal tablet for office work, also great for writing and making documents.

The Teclast T30 is compatible with various file types, inclusi doc, xls, ppt, pdf, etc.

teclast-t30-35 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work


The main camera consists of a sensor Samsung con 8 MP and an aperture of f / 2.8.

The 5 megapixel front camera and an f / 2.8 aperture. Unfortunately it is not the best but it can only be good for video calls.

LTE – Wi-Fi

The Teclast T30 offers a slot SIM with support to bands 1/3/38/39/40 and 41 are available for LTE. Instead the WiFi is Dual Band * 802.11 b / g / n / ac *. The strength of the Wi-Fi has a good range of coverage.

NFC is not built in, but there are GPS e BDS e Bluetooth 4.1.

teclast-t30-27 Teclast T30 Review, The 4G tablet for Game, Study and Work

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