Unexpected events are part of everyone’s life and can sometimes cause unpleasant consequences. Paying late on a loan it is one of those events that create annoyance and discomfort because it goes to affect reputation and creditworthiness of the contractor. So the question is: what happens if i pay the loan installment overdue? What are the consequences? Will I be reported immediately? Let us try to answer these questions.

Late payment of the installment: the consequences

When you take out a loan, be it finalized or not finalized, you have to pay attention to all deadlines that characterize it. All the loan clauses are usually well indicated on the contract to avoid finding yourself in unpleasant situations. One of these may be the forgetfulness or the inability to pay a repayment installment. In this case what happens?

Usually late payment of an installment of a loan is triggered after 30 days from the deadline. The bank or the financial institution can act in different ways and above all carry out several attempts reminder. The steps are usually the following:

  • A very normal sollecito;
  • Interests of must;
  • A report to Crif;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Injunction.

The default interest I’m usually those applied more often and we are talking about a percentage that can range from 2 to 4%.

The reporting in CRIF it is a natural consequence of non-payment of an installment of the loan. This entails registration in a database, available for consultation by all credit institutions, where all the information relating to the creditworthiness of the subject. Registration with the CRIF will inevitably lead to conditioning in the subject’s future loan requests.

The good news however is that it is also possible to unsubscribe from the CRIF!

With the Assignment of the Fifth you avoid being late with the payment of the installments.

How to avoid late payment of installments in a loan

Exists a solution to avoid to find themselves in the unpleasant situation missing a loan repayment installment: and the Employee loans.

With the loan with Cession of the Fifth, in fact, the subject will never be able to forget or be late with the payment. Simply because he doesn’t have to think about it! The method of reimbursement in the Assignment of the Fifth provides that it is the administration they belong to a withhold the installment directly from the monthly salary or pension e pay it to the credit institution.

For this reason the Assignment of the Fifth it is a type of financing that can be also provided to those who are reported in the CRIF, that is, to those who have had delays in previous payments. The guarantee is in fact all in the paycheck or pension slip. Clearly the feasibility is evaluated according to each individual case but being reported in Crif does not affect the verification.


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