From 23 August 2021 and up to December 31, 2022 you can apply to apply for the TV Scrapping Bonus, or an incentive for the scrapping of old TVs and the purchase of new, latest generation TVs.

Let’s see in detail what it is, who can request it and how it works.

What is the TV Scrapping Bonus

The TV scrapping bonus was introduced to facilitate the purchase of compatible TVs with the new digital terrestrial transmission standard. To benefit from this bonus, it must be scrapped at the same time a device purchased before December 22, 2018.

The TV scrapping bonus is effective from 23 August and will remain so until 31 December 2022

How the Tv Scrap Bonus Works

But what are we actually talking about when we talk about bonuses for scrapping the TV? It is about a 20% discount on the price of the new television, discount that it cannot exceed 100 euros.

This bonus is cumulative even with the previous facilitation coming into force, the bonus Tv decoder, that is one 30 euro discount on the purchase of suitable TVs and decoders to receive television programs with the new transmission standards.

To proceed with the scrapping, first of all, you need to go to the website of the Ministry of Economic Development per download and fill in the self-declaration form, to certify the correct disposal of the old appliance.

The scrapping it can be done in two ways:

  • Directly at participating retailers where the new television is being purchased. In this case, the dealer will take care of the correct disposal;
  • Handing over the old TV on an authorized ecological island. In this case it will be necessary to have the form with the self-certification signed by the center employee and then go to a store participating in the initiative to take advantage of the discount

The TV Scrapping Bonus can be requested without an ISEE limit.

Requirements For The Tv Scrap Bonus

The TV scrapping bonus can be claimed from all citizens residing in Italy without an ISEE limit; you can request only one bonus per household.

The main requirements to get the scrapping bonus are:

  • Residence in Italy;
  • Correct scrapping of the TV;
  • Regular payment of the fee.


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