• Revamped design
  • Display tilt
  • Display Luminoso
  • SSD e Ram


  • Keyboard quality
  • Web Cam 0.3MP
  • Fingerprint Reader is missing

Chinese notebook manufacturers are renewing their catalog with devices with a renewed design and more performing technical features. Like many Chinese manufacturers, Chuwi, BMax or Teclast, MONTH has introduced very interesting ultrabooks at affordable prices to the market.

The MONTH Xbook is a great example of how things are evolving, in fact it is a 2020 Chinese ultrabook with latest generation technical specifications. If you are interested in this type of device continue reading the Full Review of the MONTH Xbook, available in 2 versions with 256GB and 512GB SSDs.

In the box

The packaging of the MONTH Xbook It is complete with power supply, portable KUU bag and Italian keyboard layout stickers. MONTH is among the very few manufacturers that includes the very comfortable keyboard stickers.

pack-kuu-xbook Full review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020


MONTH Xbook has a different design philosophy than most of its rivals. It uses silver-colored plastic everywhere, with an in brushed metal. Thin bezels surrounding the 14.1-inch full HD IPS display. A look completely refreshed.

The ultrabook chassis is defined by sharp lines with hardly any curves. There are four feeti rubber underneath and the removable slot that hides a drive a solid state M2 2242.

Review-KUU-Xbook-2 Full review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020

The manufacturer has implemented a mechanism that raises the back of the laptop a few millimeters, similar to what other pro laptops have come up with. This makes it easier to see for those who write a lot on the PC or watch streaming videos.

Full-Review-KUU-Xbook-11 Full Review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020

Review-KUU-Xbook-1 Full review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020

There is a port for the power supply, 2 USB 3.0 connectors, a audio headphone jack, a slot for microSD cards and an ingresso mini HDMI, unfortunately no Type-C connector. Size-wise, it measures 32 x 22 x 1.65cm and tops the scale with 1,32 kg.


Here are the full specifications of the Kuu Xbook configuration:

CPU: Intel Celeron J4115

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600


Screen: 14 inch FHD resolution

SSD: ShanDianZhe da 256/512 GB

Door: 2 x USB 3.0, audio jack, 1 x HDMI, microSD card reader

Connectivity: Realtek RTL8821CE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2

Web Cam: 0.3MP

Weight: 1,32 kg

Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 1,65 cm (H x L x P)

Battery: 34 Wh 5000mAh

Review-KUU-Xbook-3 Full review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020

Inside, the MONTH Xbook features the standard hardware you’ll find in most entry-level Chinese notebooks. There is a processor Intel Celeron J4115, a quad-core, quad-threaded CPU with 4 MB of cache and a base clock speed of 1.8 GHz. Surprisingly, the J4115 is not in the Intel processor database, there is only a J4105 or J4125. The three parts have a 10 W TDP and a video subsystem Intel UHD Graphics 600.

There is also a memory 8GB DDR4 with VLSI brand, a SSD SATA M.2 da 256/512 GB di ShanDian Zhe, un chip Realtek RTL8821CE del Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and del Bluetooth (v4.2).

Test SSD

Full-review-KUU-Xbook-16 Full-review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020


The display is surprisingly sharp, with resolution 14-inch FullHD. It offers relatively accurate colors on a matte screen without being too washed out. The brightness could have been raised a notch for better viewing. In the upper part the web cam by only 0.3MP is installed. We are used to poor quality web cam resolutions on Chinese notebooks, but 0.3MP perhaps it is too little.


The keyboard of the Xbook And backlit with 2 intensity modes. Upon pressing typing the keys you feel the quality too plasticky. But luckily the pad And large and fast. Perhaps this is the part you least like but remember the particularly affordable price.

The touchpad it is much wider than it is taller, which seemed rather odd at first but turned out to be a nice surprise. Left and right clicks work fine despite the absence of physical buttons. However, the palm rest areas are small. The Keyboard layout it is international but in the packaging stickers for Italian are included.


Windows 10 Pro with original license and language in Italian. It works very well on MONTH Xbook with the Windows home operating system and booting Adobe Photosho, Office e Firefox there is no slowdown whatsoever. For very complex Video editing tasks it is better to avoid because the CPU could give up.

Full-review-KUU-Xbook-17-1 Full review KUU Xbook, Chinese ultrabook 2020


The battery from 5000mAh da 24 W (12 V, 2 A) it has an average autonomy of approx 5-6 hours based on usage. On average with all other Chinese notebooks.


The Kuu Xbook ultrabook has a nice revamped design with respectable specs. It has nothing less than other Chinese notebooks of the same range. Too bad for the quality of the keyboard keys, but the pad is very large and allows fluid use. The MONTH K2 it has a superior quality and perhaps it should be taken as a reference for the next KUU models.

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