iPhone XS Max


  • Autonomy
  • Photo / Video Quality
  • 6.5 inch screen
  • Software iOS 12


  • Price
  • Features similar to the iPhone X
  • Just what you need in the box

iPhone XS Max 64GB, the Complete Review of the most powerful smartphone ever from Apple

iOS 12x – 4GB RAM – 64GB Rom – CPU A12 Bionic – Batteria 3174 mAH – 6,5 pollici 2688 × 1242 – 2 Rear Cameras: 12mpx 1.8 – 2.4 2 and 1 Front 7mpx – Weight and dimensions
157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm 208 g


After months of use we decided to write the review complete withiPhone XS Max, the largest and most powerful Apple smartphone ever since 6.5 in almost without frame. There S has never brought great innovations to Apple smartphones but the IPhone XS Max is the big brother of the XS in terms of size and price and is currently the faster across all Apple mobile devices.

iphone-xs-max-2-720x480 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all the features

With a Display so big the iPhone XS MAX satisfies the most demanding users to view videos, take photos on the go, play games and use management apps almost like replacing a tablet. The iPhone XS MAX is available from 64, 256 e 512GB storage and with 3 colors available: Gold, space gray, silver. The model of the review it’s the 64GB one.


As mentioned the iPhone XS Max is very similar to the X but larger in size with edges rounded and the central notch at sight.

A left the volume keys and the one to quickly deactivate all types of alerts to make it completely silent (an absolute convenience). TO right instead a single key to activate and deactivate the display and in combination with the volume key – to turn off the iPhone XS MAX.

You don’t have the Jack 3,5 mm for headphones but with well 2 stereo speakers you can listen to excellent quality audio.

Thanks to surgical stainless steel and even more resistant glass, the iPhone XS MAX is waterproof up to 2 meters deep per 30 minutes, not even afraid of liquids such as coffee, tea and other drinks.


The feature that really makes the iPhone XS MAX unique is its display OLED Super Retina 6.5-inch by 2688×1242 with HDR support. The best display a smartphone can mount with vivid colors, a lot light and the True Tone (Six-channel ambient light sensor fine-tunes the white balance according to the color temperature of the light around you). To look videos and photos with the full-screen iPhone XS MAX it’s always enjoyable and that’s what we like most.

Face ID

With the look the Face ID unlocks the XS Max and allows you to automatically enter saved passwords and users. It integrates well with banking apps and all security systems but is not always as responsive as expected. Configure the Face ID with the right light it is essential to be recognized by the system. To view notifications quickly is helpful double tap sul display.


The Processor A12 bionic which makes the device fast and fluid in the use of all apps, from simple web browsing to the most extreme gaming. Compared to the previous A11 chip, Apple ensures up to 15% faster and 50% less power consumption. Even with so many apps open in background the XS MAX is not affected with the i 4gb of ram, and is always responsive to each new action. Excellent audio quality with 2 stereo speakers and with well 4 microphones the speakerphone works very well.


Apple’s real strength is operating system optimization iOS 12 with the hardware components of its devices.

iOS 12 per iPhone XS Max has introduced new features that make any operation easy and intuitive, always guaranteeing speed in using the apps. The main ones Announcements iOS 12 su iPhone XS MAX:

  • Usage time is a new way to view and manage the use of our iPhone by checking the reports for each application used. We can configure a usage time limit for each application that will disable the app set. The new feature helps parents set a time interval during which the device cannot be used by turning off all notifications.
  • The new Metro app to measure the length of surfaces turns the iPhone XS Max into a virtual meter.
  • The introduction of new Animoji and Memoji for use with the messaging application.
  • Possibility of video conferences with FaceTime for up to 32 people
  • New management of Notifications grouped by application and topic
  • Better integration of SIRI with all apps
  • ARKit 2 which will allow developers to build apps in AR
  • In Photo there is a new customized “For you” section in which the “Memories” are grouped


iphone-xs-max-10-720x480 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all the features

2 cameras gives 12mp vertically on the rear e 1 front camera gives 7mp, XS MAX is comparable to a mini mirrorless with very high quality photos and videos. Record video in 4k a 60 fps and the stabilization it works great. The modality Portrait is a gem to shoot selfi or macro with one blurry amazing, which can be adjusted even after shooting from the edit in menu Photo.

Photo proofs

Portrait Mode:

Panoramic mode:

IMG_0272-720x232 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all the features

Photo mode


Compared to the iPhone X there is certainly a good improvement regarding the time and with a full charge and using it intensively you will arrive at the end of the day without problems. The battery of the iPhone XS MAX is approx 3,174mAh that the new Chip A12 manages very well ensuring adequate energy savings.

Obviously the battery life is always in relation to the use of theiPhone XS MAX and from our tests we have come up to 2 days with one charge. For those who play, watch many streaming videos and record videos in 4k, the battery will surely be dying at the end of the day.

The XS MAX supports the fast charging and the wireless charging, but it is a pity that neither of the two devices are included in the package ..

Package contents

For a smartphone paid over 1200€ something more is expected in the box, such as the charger for the fast charging. The lightning headphones present do not have the 3.5mm jack adapter. Much more could have been done for the iPhone XS MAX packaging.

iphone-xs-max-19-720x480 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all the features

The fast charging charger for iPhone XS MAX is available on Amazon at approx 15€ and we point out among the best:

iPhone XS VS iPhone XS MAX

In short, the differences between the two Apple devices:

iphine-xs-VS-iphone-xs-max-1-720x250 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all featuresiphine-xs-VS-iphone-xs-max-2-720x490 iPhone XS Max Full Review, love at first sight, all features

Data sheet

iPhone XS Max
INFO iOS 12x
  • Apple A12 Bionic
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Internal memory (ROM) 64/256 / 512GB
  • NET
  • GSM Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900)
  • Mobile connectivity Yes
  • Telephone module Yes
  • Dual SIM No
  • nanoSIM SIM type
  • Network speed 4.5G – 1024 Mbps
  • Wi-Fia / b / g / n / ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • OLED display technology
  • Display resolution 1242 x 2688
  • Pixel density 458 ppi
  • Display size 6.5 inches
  • Display format 18: 9
  • Force Touch Sì
  • HDR Sì
  • 12 megapixel resolution
  • Focal aperture ƒ / 1.8
  • Sensor size 1 / 2.55 “
  • Quad Two-Tone Camera Flash
  • Optical stabilizer Yes
  • Autofocus laser No
  • Color spectrum sensor No.
  • 4K video resolution – 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • FPS video 60 fps
  • Front camera

  • Resolution (front) 7 megapixels
  • Focal aperture (front) ƒ / 2.2
  • Optical stabilizer (front) No.
  • Front camera flash No
  • 3174 mAh battery
  • Removable battery No
  • Quick charge Yes
  • Wireless recharge Yes
  • Charger: 1
  • YES Aug: 1
  • USB cable: 1
  • Earphones
  • 157,5 x 77,4 x 7,7 mm
  • Weight 208 g
  • Conclusion

    We really like the iPhone XS MAX and the display from 6.5 in without frames it really makes a difference, taking into account that you can use it with one single hand. Surely the price is not for everyone but for those who work there and are a professional it is the best you can buy, even if the competition produces very valid devices at half of the price.

    With iPhone XS MAX it feels like you’re using a real mini tablet holding the size of a smartphone. The 2 cameras with iOS 12 modes make the XS MAX a special one mini reflex, so for photographers it is a very good support.

    For Apple fans it is the best smartphone you can have ..

    Which Version to Choose

    The version from 64GB of the review with approx 1430 photos, 23 videos and more than 30 apps installed result 20GB of space still available. But we recommend the version from 256GB for not having any future limitations of space. 512Gb instead they are really many .. maybe too many ..

    Where to buy

    Better to rely on Amazon for such an expensive product with fast shipping and always available customer support:

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