5 ways to use messaging apps to strengthen customer service

The Customer Support has always been a fundamental aspect of marketing, but it has become even more important since 2020 and after the crisis we have experienced.

In order to provide quick responses using one of the customer’s favorite channels, many companies have chosen to offer customer service through messaging apps. We are going to see 5 ways to implement them successfully that Facebook recommends through a collaboration with Shift.


5 tips for using messaging apps in your customer service

1) Plan your messages

Every business has unique messaging needs based on the size and complexity of its operations, available resources, and customer needs.

Therefore, first of all, brands must define how they will integrate messaging applications to meet their goals. For example, you can use them to expand the reach of customer service, automate the most frequent inquiries, or generate leads.

From there, you can estimate what will be the most frequent query topics and the volume of requests, and decide if you need to implement a live chat with agents, automated responses, or a combination of both. You can use in these cases WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, live chat or scheduled chatbot, among others.

2) Create a content plan

Once you are clear about how you are going to integrate messaging apps into your strategy, you will have to define your content strategy. To do this, you will have to define the different types of requests that you expect to receive, gather the information necessary to respond to them, set the tone of the messages and standardize some of the interactions, such as greetings, goodbyes and links to key answers.

If you have decided to automate your responses, you will have to integrate all this information into the system. If not, you will need to train the agents so that their responses are in line with the planning.

3) Promote your messaging apps

For customers to use messaging apps to communicate with you, they first need to know that you are available through this channel. Therefore, you will have to promote these apps through different resources and make them highly visible in the Help section of your website.

4) Run tests and measure the results

After launching your customer service plan through messaging applications, it is essential test and measure all important aspects of these tools. These are some topics that you want to have controlled:

  • The effectiveness of different greeting formulas.
  • How the customer’s conversation starts.
  • When customers leave the conversation.
  • The degree of customer satisfaction with the experience and the solution received.
  • The impact of messaging apps on the global objectives of the company.

5) Adjust your plan as needed

Even in the best thought plans, there is almost always something that we can improve. As you track the results of your customer service with messaging apps, it is important that you make changes to increasingly optimize the experience. It is a process of continuous improvement in which there is always something new to learn.

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