Facebook Ads: What are Consideration Campaigns? (Part 3)

This series of articles that we are doing will teach you how to use advertising on Facebook and its advantages.

Here you have the two previous contents:

So you can refresh all the contents and then continue with us in this educational article.

Facebook Ads: Location of ads and advertising targets

As we have already explained, but we want to refresh you, Facebook displays its ads in different locations within these platforms and applications:

Another important point is that Facebook has three marketing objectives:

Upon the recognition objective we have already deepened and this time we will talk about the objective of consideration.

Conversion funnel or funnel

In order to understand how Facebook campaigns work, it is necessary to know what type of audience we work with according to our objective.

For this reason, it is very important to understand what it is and what it consists of. the conversion funnel.

The conversion funnel represents the phases through which the user goes from finding our product to buying it. This funnel is made up of three phases: TOFU (Top of the funnel), MOFU (middle of the funnel) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel).


  • The TOFU it is the initial phase in the consumer journey. It starts when eThe user detects that he has a need and start looking for information to solve it. At this stage the user is still not clear about the possible solutions to their need.
  • In the phase of MOFU the consumer already knows what type of products or services can help meet their need and is evaluating the different options offered by the market.
  • And finally, the BOFU is the lowest part of the conversion funnel and is made up of users who have already considered all options and they are interested in buying our product specifically.

Consideration Goal within Facebook

The Facebook campaigns that aim at the “consideración”Are focused on the audience that is in the middle part of the funnel (MOFU phase), that is, on those who already know us and are considering the options available in the market to solve their need.

The main objective of these campaigns is to ensure that our brand communicates credibility and that the public begins to identify with it so that they end up choosing us.

Therefore, we must provide you with all the necessary information about our value as a brand, product or service.

1 # Consideration Campaigns

Facebook offers six types of campaigns to meet the consideration objective:

  • Traffic: that directs more people to a destination on or off Facebook, such as a website, app, or Messenger conversation.
  • Interaction: that Get more people to interact with our publications, with more “likes” of the page, more responses to events and more requests for offers.
  • App Downloads: get more people to download our app.
  • Video views: helps us get more people to see the content of our videos.
  • Lead generation: it focuses on obtain data on potential customers of our products. By answering a question or completing a registration form within Facebook, we can obtain information, such as the email or contact telephone number of these potential clients.
  • Posts: get more people to send messages to your business through Messenger.


2 # Segmentation

Now the question is How should we segment our Facebook consideration campaigns?

When we reach the MOFU phase, we want to be more specific. We basically have two options:

  • The Custom Audiences. To create Custom Audiences, we can rely on our own databases, the traffic of our website, the events of our app or the engagement with our brand on Facebook.
  • Las Lookalike Audiences (created from the tool similar audiences offered by Facebook). These audiences can be created in different countries and with different degrees of similarity, so they are very useful in internationalization strategies.
  • Saved audiences. You can start from data that Facebook offers you to segment.

3 # Ad types

It is also important to decide well what type of ad we will use for our campaign and Facebook, for this, offers different options.

The decision on what type of ad to use in these campaigns does not follow any specific criteria, but is entirely our choice.

It will basically depend on the type of content we have on hand and the objective of the campaign.


For example, if you want to drive traffic to your ecommerce, it could work very well for you to use the presentation format and advertise a range of products with their own URL.


In short, to advertise on Facebook the first thing to do is set a goal. The second thing is to be creative by making combinations between the different types of ad and campaigns and see which ones give us the best results to enhance them. And finally, it is important to do different tests until you find the formula that fits our brand, since a different thing works for each one.

In the next article we will talk about conversion goals.

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