Facebook Ads: what is advertising on Facebook Messenger? (Part 6)

We continue to share with you articles related to the use and advantages of the Facebook advertising. In this content we will see how you can advertise that converts into Facebook Messenger and the possibilities that this messaging application offers you.


Before starting, we invite you to review the previous contents of this series of articles related to Facebook Ads:

You already know that Facebook has several locations to display advertising, which are on: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (for messaging campaigns). In this content we are going to talk about Facebook Messenger.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging application. Many of us use it to communicate with our family or friends, but now, Facebook has turned it into a tool for companies to communicate with their potential customers in a more personalized way and also launch ads.

Advertising on Facebook Messenger offers you the following opportunities:

  • Use Messenger as one more location for your ads.
  • Direct your potential customers towards the final conversion with you, through a call to action on ads that are shown in other locations.
  • Create interactive automated conversations.
  • Reconnect with customers who were lost in the middle of the buyer journey.

1 # Use Messenger as a location for your ad

In this way, you can take advantage of the reach that Messenger has, since more than 1,300 million users use it in their day to day to communicate. according to data from Statista. That is, your ad can be displayed within Facebook Messenger, between the messages the user receives. The results obtained can be very good, based on our experience.

2 # Use ads to direct them to a conversation with you

(Either on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network. WhatsApp or Messenger itself) This is a fast and convenient way to increase the recognition of new products, generate sales or offer services in a personalized way.

It is a powerful tool to generate leads, since you can communicate with the consumer immediately. In addition, it also helps you optimize customer service, answer questions, and offer instant help.

It works like this when the CTA of your ad on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger itself is “start a conversation”, then a conversation with your company will automatically open.

When you build the ad that will appear at the beginning of the conversation, you have to determine the message that will greet the user who will click. You can add an image, text and buttons to ensure that the ad encourages interaction or a specific action.

Before ending your campaign, you can select to see a preview to see what your user will see.


3 # Build interactive experiences

It consists of creating an automated conversation with the Facebook bot. If you want to communicate proactively with your potential clients this can be a good solution to provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are different types of experiences you can build, from automated conversations with human intervention, to fully automated conversations. It can work as a form of customer service to answer questions and offer your potential customer what they are looking for. The level of complexity of the conversations you want to create will determine the level of complexity of your integration, which ranges from simple workflows to artificial intelligence.

The option of create automated conversations It works very well for when the customer has a question about your business address and opening hours, wants an appointment, places an order or leaves feedback on the service.

To build your automated conversation thread, you might want to ask yourself the following questions.

These questions will help you figure out how you can get the best out of this feature and what kind of conversation to schedule.

4 # Reconnect with lost customers

May serve to talk again with users who have not interacted with your brand for a long time, for those who have left the buyer journey half way or send relevant promotions directly to people who have already established a conversation with you.

These promoted messages are useful for once you have already managed to establish personalized communication with customers through messenger. This ad format is a way to re-engage with people interested in your product or service.

These messages are sent to an existing conversation between a person and your business. Advertisers can reach people who have already clicked on traditional ads that led them to have a conversation with you.

We must bear in mind that the original audiences must be large enough to be able to create custom audiences between people who already have or have had a conversation with you. These custom audiences have the ability to exclude segments based on Facebook demographics or pixel events.


Summary of how you can use advertising on Facebook Messenger

  1. Locate your audience. ¿What kind of customers might be interested in your product and how would you build a conversation with them to guide them through the buying process?
  2. Determine your goal. Define your goals and what you would like to achieve with facebook messenger.
  3. Plan a strategy. Take the time to build the experience you need for your conversation (especially if it will be complex and automated)
  4. Start to communicate to your potential customers who now have the option to communicate with you through a chat.
  5. Keep the conversation and interaction going over time. Consider whether you have the resources and personnel for this, because you must be prepared and give good response rates.

Let’s go with the following article, where we will talk about the 5 steps to define your advertising strategy on Facebook.

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