Facebook Ads: What are Audience Network campaigns? (Part 5)

We have already shared several articles on the use and advantages offered by the Facebook advertising (Facebook Ads).

In this, we seek to go even deeper into the digital advertising options it offers, so we will talk about Audience Network de Facebook.


Here are the links to the previous articles in case you want to do a review:

It is evident that Facebook is a very large and quite complex advertising network, which is why it isn this article we will focus on the campaigns that we can mount in Audience Network de Facebook, one of the four platforms that Facebook works with to advertise.

What is the Audience Network?

Audience Network is a network of applications and websites outside of Facebook, which display ads within their content as if it were native advertising. To use this network to advertise, you must configure the campaigns with the tools and segmentations of Facebook Business Manager. By configuring the campaigns correctly, your ads will be shown in relevant apps or websites off facebook for the topic you are promoting. Ads that run on the Audience Network can be both photo and video and can be displayed on all devices.

For example, if your business is an aesthetic school and you want to advertise professional makeup courses, you can select websites or makeup apps to place your ads, since it is highly likely that the public of these websites will be interested in what you offer. .

Within the network of Audience Network There are renowned publishers such as National Geographic, Vice, The Guardian, to name a few. It should be noted that not everyone can be part of this network as a publisher, but Facebook has strict rules that publishers must follow and a series of requirements that they must comply with in order to be part of the Audience Network community.

This in principle gives you extra confidence as an advertiser, since it gives you the assurance that your ads will be shown only on quality sites. TOFurthermore, you have the option to exclude apps or websites that are not suitable for your advertising. In the case of websites, you can even directly upload a list of websites that you want to exclude.

Define your goals with Audience Network

Currently, Audience Network allows you to create ads according to your objective, either:

  • Brand recognition (video only)
  • Scope (video only)
  • Traffic
  • Interaction (video only)
  • App Installations
  • Video views (video only)
  • Conversions
  • Product Catalog Sales

Locations on Audience Network

Regarding the location of the ad, you can choose to:

  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Native
  • Audience Network Award Winning Videos
  • Audience Network In-Stream Videos: These are ads in video format that are shown before or during the video that the user is consuming. 


Audience Network allows ads to be displayed in this wide variety of in-app locations and the websites of publishers on your network. The availability of these locations varies depending on our purpose and content. For example, you can run in-stream video ads on websites that are video players. Ads with Instream Videos from Audience Network They will be put into circulation before the video that the user wishes to see or during the video playback.

You can also show video ads in native mobile website and app placements. Advertisers on the Audience Network have the option to customize the way an ad is displayed on their app or website in order to make it a native, embedded ad for their property.

Locations according to objectives

If you are interested in the recognition and positioning of your brand, the options that Audience Network offers you are these:


As you can see in the image, in this case as a format it only allows video ads. On the other hand, if you are interested in specific responses from the user, you would have more options, such as creating ads with images and sequences:


Generally, the quality of Audience Network users is quite low, so with conversion purposes we at Cyberclick do not use it, instead, for traffic objectives, yes, since the cost per click is very low.

What happens after the user clicks on your ad?

The behavior of an ad after the user clicks will depend on the type of advertising objective you choose. One of the following can happen:

  • The ad will open a link in a new browser window.
  • The ad will ask for an app to be installed.
  • The ad will launch an application installed on our mobile device.

Conversion funnel

As always, we recommend that you choose the objective of your ads depending on when your target is within the conversion funnel. If those you want to impact are at the top of the funnel, use brand awareness goals. On the other hand, for those who are in the BOFU, the lowest part and therefore closer to the sale, we recommend that you choose objectives with a specific response or action, such as conversion, for example.

In conclusion, the first step to be able create your campaigns with Audience Network on Facebook AdsYou must know where the user you want to impact is located and then choose the objective that best suits the moment of the funnel in which it is located. Then you must get creative with the ads and campaigns, and finally do tests and analyze the results and then optimize them.

In the next article we are going to talk about advertising on Facebook Messenger.

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