WhatsApp will integrate video playback within the app on all devices

Videos shared via Whatsapp that come from Instagram and YouTube can be reproduced within the same platform in a floating window that will allow the user to play the video without having to interrupt their activity within WhatsApp.


WhatsApp will integrate video playback

Beyond the instant communication opportunities it represents Whatsapp, this platform has also become a center for sending and hosting content, such as photos, music, articles, and videos.

Sending videos worked until recently, through links, which led to the original location of the video for playback. Recently, Whatsapp integrated a new update in Apple devices that allows its users enjoy the shared videos without having to leave the platform or interrupt your browsing within it, and now, it will also integrate it into Android devices.

This mode of reproduction is known as PiP (picture in picture) and allows any link to a video to include a preview image of the content with the play symbol above it. In turn, when clicking to play, the video is played in a window that floats over the application interface, allowing the user to view it from there and simultaneously continue interacting with the application, or go to full screen.

So from now on, Android users will be able to remain active in their conversations while enjoying videos, since every time Instagram or YouTube content is shared on WhatsApp, there will be no need to leave the app.

WhatsApp will make this update public in the coming weeks.

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