Amazon Echo Show


  • Multi uso
  • Integration with intelligent systems
  • 10.1 screen
  • Multimedia


  • Skill to be integrated
  • Dimensions

Amazon Echo Show it is basically a voice assistant with multimedia features: this is how we can summarize the concept behind the Amazon Echo Show. An interesting product from Amazon which, however, is not spreading as expected in Italy (it’s only a matter of time).

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Echo-Show-2% C2% AA-generation-1-720x720 Amazon Echo Show review: everything you need to know

Ever since the first Echo, Amazon has constantly evolved its range of connected voice assistants. The first is the Echo Dot, then the Echo Spot, with a small screen and touch control in the form of an alarm clock. Obviously, with the passage of time, devices evolve to offer more and more services connected to the network.

Amazon Echo Show ha un display touchscreen da 10.1 inch. This important aspect goes hand in hand with a higher price tag than its predecessors: ir? t = 58,1ptecnoprog-21 & l = alb & o = 29 & a = B0793KQRJZ Amazon Echo Show Review: Everything You Need to Know.

Currently Echo Spot, Echo e Dot are available at these prices:

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Amazon Echo Show, the whole truth

At first glance, the Amazon Echo Show looks a lot like a digital photo frame. Like the Echo Spot, has three buttons on the top: one for turn off Alexa’s microphone and other two for the volume. the touch screen is its strong point: while the Spot is the size of an alarm clock, the screen from 10.1 inch forwards high definition content 1280 x 800 pixel.

Echo-Show-2% C2% AA-generation-6-720x720 Amazon Echo Show review: everything you need to know

QUALITY Audio not bad

Amazon Echo Show is a generously sized device but thanks to this, the Eco Show has good audio quality with 2 integrated speakers. Powerful bass and well-defined highs for great sound quality.

At full volume there is no sound distortion and is perfect for listening to music or watching videos on youtube.

Echo-Show-2% C2% AA-generation-4-720x720 Amazon Echo Show review: everything you need to know

The screen, the size are everything

Amazon designed the Echo Show with such a large screen primarily for provide a clearer view of information. In addition to answering questions like voice assistant, the device also provides some details, such as temperature of the next seventh. it is also possible program the screen to transmit the desired information (sports scores, favorite videos and photos, etc.). Some new specific features have been created specifically to fit the screen. Such as, for example, the display of the step-by-step procedures of recipes with the dedicated apps.

The other aspect of the Echo Show is of be able to watch streaming videos with the Prime Video app. Unfortunately for now Netflix is ​​not compatible ..

Overall, the screen adds more clarity to information and some interesting features.


Like all Echo devices, the Show works with Alexa, l’Amazon’s voice assistant. Echo Show is equipped with a bar with well 8 microphones with noise reduction. the Echo Show picks up our voice from far. During calls through the Alexa application or Skype the voice is transmitted clearly.

Echo-Show-2% C2% AA-generation-5-720x720 Amazon Echo Show review: everything you need to know

Final Consideration

Amazon Echo Show it is one of those devices that makes our home “intelligent” with complete control when associated with cameras and integrated systems. A multi-use device for call, watch videos and manage resources with Alexa. L’audio is great although the size of the Echo Show is perhaps too important. Not all skills like Netflix are available but over time we hope that all apps will be integrated.

Technical specifications

Echo-Show-2% C2% AA-generation-technical-details-720x324 Amazon Echo Show review: everything you need to know

Dimensions 246 x 174 x 107 mm
Weight 1755 grams. Actual size and weight may vary due to manufacturing process.
Screen 10.1 “touch screen
Camera 5 MP
Wi-Fi connectivity Dual antenna dual band Wi-Fi (MIMO) for faster streaming playback and fewer connection drops than with traditional Wi-Fi. Compatible with 802.11 a / b / g / n / c Wi-Fi networks. Not compatible with ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks. Also includes an 802.15.4 standard radio to support smart home devices.
Bluetooth connectivity Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for streaming audio playback from your mobile device to Echo Show and Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of connected mobile devices; connection from Echo Show to your Bluetooth speaker with a separate Bluetooth antenna. Hands-free Voice Control is not compatible with Mac OS X devices.
Audio Dual 2.0 “neodymium stereo drivers and passive bass radiator
System requirements You can connect the Echo Show to Wi-Fi immediately. The Alexa App is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices and is also accessible from your web browser. Some skills and services may be changed, may not be available in some locations, or require a separate subscription.
Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor for advanced technology and processing capabilities.

Last updated on November 21, 2021 19:19

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