The smartwatch are constantly evolving and more and more functions are being added to these devices. Most people complain about the battery life of smartwatches on the market.

The prestigious Apple Watch it can last about 3 days. Almost all smartwatches have a very low autonomy ..

The new series Huami Amazfit GTR it can last up to 24 days!

Amazfit GTR it features an elegant, almost luxurious design, which other Amazfit smartwatches rarely mirror. However, the price is very competitive, within everyone’s reach.

Amazfit GTR from 47mm case, it is made in stainless steel / aluminium alloy, at a price of around € 135 ..

The stainless steel version of Amazfit GTR 47mm is the model that we will see in the article.


Stainless steel is the most common material used in traditional mechanical watches. The polished stainless steel body matches well with the in skin. This is the hottest smartwatch in the Huami catalog. A mix of sportiness, elegance and everyday life.

Amazfit GTR inherits a large number of functions from previous Huami products. The case is made of high-end stainless steel.

The screen AMOLED it is round, without edges. 1.39 inches, with a resolution of 454 x 454, up to 326ppi.

The Amazfit GTR 47mm has a very elegant brown leather strap. The leather strap is more resistant, and will not be damaged by sweat or rain. Convenient therefore also for those who play sports.

This Amazfit GTR has two buttons. The top one is the power / home button and the bottom button is for customization. Commonly used functions can be customized. You can swipe or click on the screen to interact with it.

The retro Amazfit GTR watch is made of plastic, different from the stainless steel on the front. However, its design and texture are equally good. Furthermore, limited by the cost, Amazfit GTR does not support wireless charging, as can be seen from the contacts of the charging base.

Amazfit-GTR Review-9 Amazfit GTR Review, all the details of the new generation Smartwatch


Beyond 100 available dials certainly avoid monotony, to never tire of the GTR.

Amazfit-GTR Review-10 Amazfit GTR Review, all the details of the new generation Smartwatch

The watch faces are optimized for Amazfit GTR software and work perfectly with the installed hardware. The user interface is easy and intuitive.

Each dial represents a different style. The clock can be set in a retro style like traditional mechanical watches or in a more modern style.

Most watch faces support the simultaneous display of a lot of information, including time, date, heart rate, steps, remaining battery percentage and so much more.

The user experience

All modes available:

1. Sport

Amazfit GTR incorporates common motion detection features such as running indoor e outdoor, elliptical bike, swimming, skiing ..

The Amazfit GTR weighs less than 50g (excluding the strap). Other than the strap, the watch is not as uncomfortable or bulky as traditional wristwatches.

The integrated GPS module in Amazfit GTR is a chip Sony 28 mm GPS energy efficient that supports GPS and GLONASS. It is not only intended for outdoor sports, but it is also waterproof up to 50 m.

Amazfit GTR is equipped with the sensor PPG BioTracker developed by Huami, which provides a continuous monitoring of heart rate for 24 hours.

You can activate the heart rate alarm if too high, notifying you that you are exceeding the recommended zone.

2. Daily functions

Amazfit GTR supports sleep tracking.

The NFC chip with which it is equipped allows you to copy access cards for control systems in smart homes, such as opening doors with the smartwatch.

3. Battery life information

The exceptional battery life is mainly attributed to its energy efficient chip.

Huami has optimized the power management system by improving the standby mode, activation times and sports modes of the Amazfit GTR.

According to Huami Official, for the standby mode, the optimization is focused on 15 sensors and peripherals for much lower power consumption than other smartwatches.

According to Huami’s official data:

For heavy use, Amazfit GTR 47mm can last up to 24 days (with heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring enabled, GPS active for 15 minutes, 150 notifications, 30 shielding times, NFC payment 4 times, 5 minutes of other operations).

In the basic watch mode, for example, with Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring and other functions disabled, Amazfit GTR 47mm can last 74 days even if the screen is turned on 100 times.

In the ‘Marathon’ sport mode with GPS enabled, Amazfit GTR 47mm offers users a battery life of 40 hours.

Battery performance is impressive. Once the GTR is worn, it will not be necessary to take it off for frequent charging. Battery life is unprecedented in the smart wearable industry.

In summary

Amazfit GTR proves to be a high-end device at an affordable price. Speaking of Amazfit GTR 47mm, with the body in polished stainless steel and leather strap, at 135 €.

Overall, Amazfit GTR is the best Huami smartwatch in both design and engineering. In particular, the quality and attractive appearance in stainless steel completely change the design of Huami, based on Amazfit’s Bip series.

Functionality is an important aspect of Amazfit GTR. It is a smartwatch with technologically advanced appearance and functionality. Support various sports modes, including indoor / outdoor running, elliptical bike, swimming, skiing .. Double positioning GPS + GLONASS and water resistance up to 50 meters expand the type of use that can be done. Amazfit GTR does not support eSIM.

Offer Amazfit GTR

On Gearbest, for a limited period of time, it is available at 125 € adding the GTR to the cart. Also on offer on Amazon with Prime shipping.

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